Our Story

Our dogs are some of the most important family members we ever have. They give us comfort and joy. They make us laugh, and sometimes cry. They love and protect us, and we love and protect them too. Sometimes it feels like they understand us more than people do.

At least that's how it was for our family and Chester.

I'd wanted a dog all my life. As a kid my parents would never let me. We were allowed a cat and we loved her heaps, but for me it wasn't quite the same! As a young adult I was never in the right place to settle down and look after a puppy, so it didn't quite happen. Then when I met my wife, she brought with her into my life the dog I'd been waiting for - Chester! A Jack Russell / Shitzu cross and the cutest, most loving little pup you could imagine. See for yourself... 

 Chester looking cute

We had so many good times and I wouldn't change a single thing about him, except maybe one...

Chester suffered from anxiety, really badly. It was difficult with neighbors, because he would bark a lot when we weren't around and when he wasn't feeling safe. He would pace around the house constantly and chew his paws until they would bleed. It was really heartbreaking, and you could see the stress and pain in his eyes.

We tried a bunch of things without much success. Exercise always helped a bit, but it was never enough on its own. We even tried medication from the vet, but it was so difficult to get him to take it, plus it just felt wrong to give him pills every day.

What we really wanted, and what Chester really needed, was an effective, healthy way to settle down. I really wanted to help Chester live a better life. And being completely honest, I wanted to help make things a bit easier for us as dog owners too!

That's what inspired me to start Fuzzy & Friends and create our Settle Down formula. Our mission is to help dogs and dog owners everywhere live a better, healthier life free from stress and anxiety. I'm glad to say we're achieving this mission every day - and our two legged and four legged customers are more than happy with the results!

Sadly my best buddy Chester didn't make it to see the finished product. He left us in September 2020 after 15 awesome, joy filled years. But my hope is Fuzzy & Friends can be his little legacy and that we can continue to help thousands of others live well.

If you want to find out more, or if you need any help, please reach out to us via woof@fuzzyandfriends.com. Me or one of our friendly support staff will be on hand.

Thank you for reading, for supporting our mission and for supporting our family business.

Chris Sinclair
Dog Lover / Co-Founder